Commercial Office Renovation in Gastown, Vancouver: Donohoe Living Landscapes

Image of renovated office space with brick wall in Gastown
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Donohoe Living Landscapes Office
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Commercial Renovation
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Vancouver, BC
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Jessica Oakes

Project Overview

In the heart of Vancouver's historic Gastown, the Donohoe Living Landscapes Office presented a unique opportunity for a transformative commercial renovation. Our team, led by the talented designer Jessica Oakes, took on the challenge to revitalize this workspace, ensuring it met the modern needs of a dynamic business environment.

Scope of Work

We embarked on a comprehensive renovation journey, starting with the restructuring of the existing space. Our efforts included:

  • Framing and Creating New Office Spaces: To foster a more productive and engaging work environment.
  • Electrical and Plumbing Upgrades: Ensuring the office meets the latest standards in safety and efficiency.
  • Installation of a New Front Door: Enhancing the aesthetic appeal and security.
  • New Millwork and Furniture: Tailoring the space to the specific needs of Donohoe Living Landscapes.
  • Complete Refinishing: Implementing new finishes that breathe fresh life into the office.

Overcoming Challenges

This project was not without its hurdles. Operating on a tight budget and timeframe, we planned each phase to maximize efficiency without compromising on quality. The office's location in a mixed-use building, surrounded by diverse businesses including an international school, required us to adopt a considerate approach:

  • Limited Noise Construction: We adjusted our work methods to ensure minimal disruption to the school activities below.
  • Flexible Work Schedule: To accommodate the unique setting, our team worked during evenings and weekends, demonstrating our commitment to project timelines and community respect.


The result is a beautifully updated, functional office space, even under stringent conditions. The updated Donohoe Living Landscapes Office is now a more inviting and efficient space. We're grateful for the opportunity to have worked on this project and proud of what we were able to accomplish within the given parameters.

Image of renovated office space with brick wall in GastownImage of meeting room in newly renovated office space with brick wall in GastownImage of meeting room through glassMeeting room facing workspace through glass. Renovated office space with brick wallImage of office space with allocated space for different activityWaiting area in the office space with the neon sign on the wall that says "Landscape as Art"
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